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We should not have to dread a downpour

Last Wednesday, a sudden downpour during what is normally the hottest month of the year brought misery to many homes - in some cases, not for the first time.

While council and water agencies did their best, all they could do is help with the clean-up. With climate change so obvious to us all, it is only a matter of time until it happens again. Action needs to be taken and money spent.

It's not a matter of keeping sandbags handy; it is a matter of upgrading systems that are far from adequate.

We will get the usual promises, but the Department of Regional Development needs to sit down and work out the best places to spend what money is available.

The planned changes to the A8 Larne Road that will cost millions are not needed. Some parts of this road do need work, but there is certainly no need for what has been planned, so that 10 minutes can be saved for a journey from Glengormley to Larne.

The minister, Danny Kennedy, needs to take a long look at his priorities and one of them should be to ensure people in those areas of Belfast don't dread a downpour.


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