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We should open our doors to refugees

We are well off here in Northern Ireland. We are well fed and have a roof over our heads. Everywhere we look we see empty spaces: houses that are abandoned, schools no longer in use, vast empty municipal buildings.

We have unfilled rooms in our homes, unused gardens that could be used to grow extra fruit and vegetables, wasteland and fields. We are not short of space.

Surely we could share some of it with people who have the heartache of having their beloved homeland made uninhabitable by war.

There is a very practical way to help. We can ask all our councils to propose a plan to Europe. If European money was made available to us - we could offer homes to refugees.

Our government officials are in a position to propose to Europe to rehouse these people, willingly and in an orderly fashion.

Let us decide to lobby our councillors, in order to get them to propose a scheme of aid to the European Community.

We'd all be so glad we did it. It is such a good Christian thing to do.

G Mullan


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