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We should put Stormont out of its misery

Your regular correspondent, Maurice Fitzgerald (Write Back, September 21) makes a number of valid points in his latest missive, concerning the lack of accountability, transparency and public involvement within the Executive apparatus.

In short, it is top-heavy, loaded with costly special advisors, themselves chosen by their own party colleagues, which gives the impression of a nepotistic, self-serving administration out of touch with its electorate.

The latest farcical strategy adopted by the DUP of appointing ministers on a seven-day revolving-door policy is merely to try to stall Stormont, since neither the Secretary of State at the NIO nor David Cameron have the sense and courage to close it down while they try to verify and monitor paramilitary activities which everyone knows have been ongoing since the Good Friday Agreement.

The only humane thing to do now is to pull out the plug and let the whole costly and dysfunctional Stormont project go down the U-bend.

Devolution in Northern Ireland has singularly failed - utterly - to deliver good government. A council of nine as in the Republic of Venice could run it far better. Come October, when the Treasury funds finally dry up, it must end, anyway.


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