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We shouldn't play ball with Qatar on CO2 emissions

Some 196 of the world's nations signed the Paris Agreement at the Convention on Climate Change, a milestone in world history.

If the governments, leaders and rulers of these 196 nations wish to show they are serious about their commitment to saving the planet, let them begin by putting pressure on Fifa to cancel the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Qatar (population 2.2 million) is the world's worst for CO2 emissions, with an annual output of 44 tonnes per capita. Qatar was awarded the World Cup 2022 by the Fifa administration, led then by the since-discredited Sepp Blatter.

Holding such a massive event in Qatar will only increase the country's CO2 emissions to an unacceptable level - even by their own standards.

Fifa will argue that the cancellation of the 2022 football extravaganza will not be possible due to contractual and legal agreements - a case of fiddling while Earth burns. If the Paris Agreement is to have any credibility, the 2022 Qatar World Cup must be cancelled, or relocated.


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