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We support moves to end schools divide

The Community Relations Council (CRC) supports One School of Thought's open letter calling for greater sharing in education, particularly on a cross-community basis (News, September 7).

Too few young people have had regular opportunities at school to make sustained contact with children and young people from backgrounds and cultures different from their own.

Last year CRC, together with the Equality Commission, published a challenge paper, Ensuring Good Relations Work in Our Schools Counts, on behalf of the Good Relations Forum.

This outlined a series of recommendations aimed at embedding good relations in schools and encouraging greater collaboration both on a cross-sectoral and cross-community basis.

The challenge paper recommended that the Department of Education should give greater strategic direction to the schools sector. All schools and communities need to be actively supported in developing local solutions, which result in meaningful sharing, including on a cross-community basis.

We owe it to future generations to take our society forward in a spirit of partnership and mutual support.


Director of communications

Community Relations Council