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We would be fools to alienate our US allies

I fear we are in danger of making a bad situation worse. It is clear that the Iraq campaign was marked by poor planning and inadequate intelligence assessment. But we must not conflate these with decisions taken in good faith.

To personalise the criticism on to one or a few people would be to avoid the need to learn the lessons of history - thus condemning us to repeating it. To make the conclusions centre around the character of an individual would be to miss the point entirely.

Worse, we stand in danger of alienating the USA, our key ally, by allowing our conversations to descend into blaming it for our own inadequacies.

The Americans stood firm against evil aggression, as they have always done in times of crisis; we should remember that - and be thankful.

We were told during the EU Referendum campaign that we need to focus on our international relations.

Let us be careful to do this now.


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