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Weaker kids holding others back in school

I REFER to a letter in the Belfast Telegraph entitled "Far-fetched and lacking facts" (Write Back, March 6) in which your correspondent mentions how primary schools teach pupils of all abilities together and that non-selective secondary schools do the same.

While this is certainly correct, how do we know for sure that there are some children at primary school level who are not being held back by weaker pupils?

I am sure that there are some cases where this does happen and, while you mention the non-selective secondary schools, are these not the exception rather than the rule? And, again, how do we know for sure that pupils have not been held back by weaker pupils in the same class?

Unfortunately, as your correspondent mentioned, grammar schools have been accepting pupils who achieved a 'D' grade to fill their quota, which I think is wrong. Perhaps they should have set a limit of 'C' and above and this is one of the things that the people in the 'abolish academic selection' campaign have been able to use to their advantage.

I believe that had I been in a class with a number of pupils of grammar school ability, many of my teachers would have concentrated their efforts on them and left me behind.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

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