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Wealth doesn't mean Nigella is above the law

THE jury accepted the Grillo sisters' side of the story (News, December 20). That is where we are. Nigella Lawson now begins a PR campaign to salvage the value of her brand. This is the same as salvaging her reputation.

The campaign has already started: Ms Lawson tells us the legal system is in need of reform. That she was unprotected in the witness box.

In fact, she had the conventional protection of a court of law: the trial judge decided if questions could be put to her, or not.

The stakes were high for the Grillo sisters: liberty or otherwise. They based their case on the private behaviour of Ms Lawson.

The trial judge clearly saw some relevant and probative value in questions being put to Ms Lawson about this private behaviour.

People accept that we are all equal before the law. Money and fame do not change the rules.

Ms Lawson talks about being isolated and vilified in the witness box.

In fact, she had access to top legal and PR advisers, not to mention the public support of the prime minister.

The Grillo sisters had only their force of character.

David beat Goliath; we should rejoice that our legal system allows that to happen.


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