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Wear poppies with hope, not pride

In the 1950s, when I was at school, poppies were worn on November 11 and Remembrance Sunday. Those days had impact. But today, some time soon, TV interviewers will start to sport their poppies.

Evidence from the 1920s shows that Remembrance Day was a day of real grief and behind the grief a determination that such a war would never happen again.

No one now alive can remember the dead of 1914-18 as individuals and, rightly, the focus is now on 1939-45 and subsequent wars.

However, the tone has changed; the change encapsulated by the slogan 'Wear Your Poppy with Pride'. Pride is one of the deadly sins and thoroughly unattractive in this context. I am not 'proud' that they are injured or dead, nor am I 'proud' of the politicians who often muddled us into war.

I want to wear my poppy with hope that there will be as few wars as possible. I am especially grateful that the enemies of yesteryear are the firm friends of today.


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