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Welders’ problem was nothing to do with the case for Blanchflower

I normally make a rule not to reply to anonymous letters, but I could not let the numerous glaring factual inaccuracies in the letter penned by ‘Yours very concerned No Stadium on the Holywood Road’ (Writeback, July 27) go unchallenged

This person seeks to compare parking difficulties encountered by residents at a recent H&W Welders fixture with the proposed Blanchflower Stadium development

While the Welders Ground is a neat, compact fit-for-purpose stadium, all must agree that the parking facilities therein would not be adequate for the recent local derby with Dundela that was virtually a League decider, hence the congestion in the immediate area

Compare this with the proposed Blanchflower Stadium project which would provide circa 3,000 to 4,000 car parking spaces and this argument is rendered irrelevant.

The writer proceeds to dig an even deeper hole for his or her self by referring to “recent riots at Glentoran’s Oval, when they were beaten” and implying that similar occurrences would be likely if Glentoran were indeed to move to the Blanchflower Stadium.

As a lifelong supporter of Glentoran, I would ask the writer to detail when these “recent riots” took place as I have never witnessed them in my lifetime.

The hole gets deeper when we compare supporters at Ravenhill, many of whom are also Glentoran supporters!

The assertion that there is no need for police at Ravenhill is also clearly a fallacy, as in my experience police spend most of their time ticketing illegally parked cars in the vicinity of the ground due to the inadequate parking facilities at Ravenhill.

This type of ill-informed correspondence with scant regard to the facts does little to advance any contra argument to the Blanchflower Stadium proposal

If the project goes ahead it will have gone through an extensive planning process when all views will be heard. To besmirch the good name of Glentoran FC with totally unsubstantiated allegations will, I venture, rally very few people to the cause

Glentoran FC are immensely proud of our position within the community of East Belfast and will strive to remain so, regardless of where we play our football

Aubry Ralph

Chairman, Glentoran FC

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