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We'll all pay in the end for university fees

I take great heart from the mobilisation of young people wishing to protest against the Government's university tuition fees policy.

As a father-of-four, with two already at university and two more hoping to follow, the affordability of a degree is going to have a great impact on my family. But the peculiar thing about this debate is that no one seems to see the big issue: the policy does not work.

As a society, we will all pay in the end and we will have a resentful generation who may well feel no obligation or duty to society, and a large social class economically excluded from degree-level education. It may seem an abstract notion now, but when the freshers of 2012 graduate, the jobs market may well be very different.

The graduate employer, having no choice, pays higher salaries and passes the cost on to its customers - ie us.

As I said, we all pay in the end.


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