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Well, that's one Translink driver in a real hurry

Recently, Translink has been getting some stick, so I feel it only fair to attempt to redress the balance somewhat by giving credit where credit is obviously due.

The 17.50 Ulsterbus 568 Saturday service from Belfast to Carrickfergus is scheduled for 18.04 at 542-550 Upper Road, or Woodburn Corner, the exact location depending on whether you consult the Translink website or the paper timetable posted at the bus stop.

On Saturday I was a couple of hundred yards from the bus stop outside the garage, which is about half-a-mile further on, at 17.55.

Imagine my surprise - and delight - when the bus passed me, dropped a passenger and left because, of course, I was not yet close enough to attract the driver's attention.

I continued on foot in the same direction and met the bus at 18.01, returning to the depot out of service, having completed its route which is not even scheduled to terminate till 18.11.

To arrive at the penultimate stop of a 44-minute journey sector more than nine minutes early and then to have the entire 51-minute route journey done and dusted and be well on the way home a full 10 minutes ahead of schedule displays a degree of enthusiasm not often seen.

A superb effort. Please pass on a big pat on the back to the driver in question.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

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