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Wells needs to show humility on losing health role

I would suggest that Jim Wells tries to get some perspective about the events which led to him resigning as Health Minister.

He did not - as your front-page headline suggests (October 20) - lose his job; he lost his ministerial position, which carried with it, for him, an uplift in salary of £20,000 and a ministerial car. Mr Wells still retains his job as an MLA at £48,000 plus expenses.

I suggest that he contrast his "ill fortune" and angst with the staff in the Portaferry Hotel, who actually have lost their jobs and are wondering how the bills will be paid.

I have a great deal of sympathy with Mr Wells over his wife's serious illness. I have been dealing with the effects of both stroke and progressive heart failure, caring for family members.

Could I remind Mr Wells that, according to Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke, more than 35,000 people are living with the effects of stroke in Northern Ireland.

On average, three people a day die as a result of stroke. Perhaps this should be a reminder to him that many people are suffering the same mental anguish over their loved ones as he is, but do not feel the need to run to the Press.

A little bit of humility and perspective would go a long way.


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