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Wells right to oppose abortions in rape cases

I wish to support Jim Wells's position that abortions should not be available in situations where a woman has been raped.

I also reject the interpretation of your newspaper that a politician cannot bring their moral values to bear on political decisions.

I believe that personhood and humanity begin at the point of conception. This is a widely-held view in Northern Ireland, which enjoys support throughout the medical profession.

I, therefore, believe the baby in the womb is both a person and a human and entitled to the same protection as any other human, which includes the right to life under the European Convention.

Abortion in the context of rape is incredibly emotive and it is very difficult to imagine the pressures that exist in that situation.

However, no matter the situation, nothing can ever justify the murder of an innocent. I also reject the view put forward in your editorial (Comment, August 24) that Jim Wells cannot bring his own morality to bear on this issue.

Jim Wells is a politician and was elected on a political platform, which included his opposition to abortion. In full knowledge of his position and in full knowledge that he could eventually be appointed a minister, his constituents elected him.

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Abortion is a moral and political matter and I believe the attack on Jim Wells is a veiled attack on Christian morality in politics, which should and must have a place in public life.


Moira, Co Down

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