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We're at risk of running out of young engineers

THE publication of A-level results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland highlights the low proportion of students studying physics, design and technology and ICT - crucial engineering gateway subjects.

If we don't reverse this trend, thousands of young people are effectively closing the door on an exciting, creative career as engineers.

There continues to be huge demand for engineers, so it is important that young people continue their studies into higher education.

The country needs more people studying science and engineering subjects at university and taking up apprenticeships.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology's most recent Skills and Demand in Industry report showed that 59% of companies indicated concerns that a shortage of engineers would be a threat to their business.

We are at risk of stifling economic growth if we do not encourage more students to study Stem subjects, which are crucial to ensuring a healthy and balanced economy.


Head of policy, Institution of Engineering and Technology

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