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We’re driven to distraction

We hear that Belfast city centre is to become a pedestrian area where no cars are allowed to park. Is this true?

Pedestrian area — a place where able-bodied people can walk and shop at their leisure.

What about disabled people, many of whom cannot walk and depend on their cars or drivers to allow them to avail of the up-to-date shops in Belfast?

Without consultation, the powers that be think this is OK, as they are going to provide a special bus service outside the city boundary to ferry wheelchair-bound and other less able people into and out of Belfast city centre. This is ludicrous. Could you imagine disabled people waiting around in inclement weather for a bus and then having the embarrassment of being transported into and out of Belfast, and how on earth can someone in a wheelchair carry their shopping if they have to push themselves around?

We at the Disabled Drivers’ Association feel strongly that our rights are gradually being taken away from us, in the so called modernisation of Belfast city centre. Why can’t properly manned, disabled parking bays be provided throughout the main shopping areas in Belfast for people who honestly hold the ‘Blue Badge’?

Anyone interested in this very important issue please contact

Disabled Drivers’ Association


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