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We're living in man's day in every sense

There must be a logical answer to the question referred to by Alf McCreary thus "Where is God in all this?"

May I be permitted to offer a few pertinent facts on the matter.

The traditional concept is that God is actively governing among men, though the evidence may not seem to warrant such a conclusion.

Is he adding to a kind of hopeless pessimism?

If on the other hand the present period is one wich can be described by the term 'The Silence of God' his non-intervention is easily explained.

Many Christians will maintain though God may not be ruling the affairs of nations.

He nevertheless is in full control of the affairs of those called his people.

This is mere wishful thinking or the conviction based upon nothing more than a platititude.

The fact remains that there is not the slighted fragment of evicence that God is given any degree of consideration in the affairs of those who profess to bear the name of Jesus Christ.

The evidence on the contrary abounds to show that Christians formulate their own concepts.

They build buildings and call them churches but God is not in them.

They establish their own creeds each insisting that the world cannot possibly teach other or more offer entrance into their exclusive sect to any all and who will swallow these human imagings without question.

They continue by good words and fair speech to deceive the hearts of the simple.

We should realise that this is man's day in every sense of the word.

This is a day when men are permited to run riot and reap the the results of their own folly.

This is a day when man's laws are in operation and God sits in unutterable silence.