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We're no 51st state, Mr Curran

Ed Curran (Belfast Telegraph, May 5) is certainly giving the Yanks a lick in the right direction.

His column represents pretty much everything I detest about 'Norn Iron' subservience to our Yankee Doodle cousins — not our brothers and sisters, for they are, like us, Europeans.

In my view, the US is the most dangerous nation on earth, a gulag without walls, where the likes of Bush, Cheney and Rupert Murdoch have had their way with society.

Unlike Mr Curran, at no point before or after the Troubles, have I wished to be a citizen of a 51st US state. That idea is for peasants, who should congregate at Aldergrove in their Davy Crockett hats.

The rest of us value a deeper and more enlightened tradition.



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