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We're powerless within the European Union

IAN James Parsley (Write Back, May 13) appeals for support for the European Union. I am 74 years old and have never had an opportunity to vote for or against the monstrous Brussels-based bureaucracy which erodes the rights and identity of member states and which is controlled by a central bank about which we know little.

We are subject to a myriad collection of diktats which have no relevance here. We suffer because uncontrolled entry to the UK is destabilising our economy and enabling unscrupulous people to provoke racist responses from a bewildered and demoralised working class.

The European Union was established to encourage free trade between neighbouring nations and help develop sound relations with countries that had a common interest in peace and prosperity. No one envisaged the creation of an unmandated political entity, requiring millions of pounds per day from net contributors like the UK taxpayer.

Mr Parsley castigates those who oppose an expansion of EU ambitions. He refers to the the massive benefits to be gained from the planned negotiation of a free trade deal between the EU and the USA.

Will we be consulted on that deal? Will we have an opportunity to say no? Will the new merger lead to a superstate – the EU/USA alliance?

Most are happy to live in a Europe that is easy to access and that trades freely. It is all the nonsense and stupidity we object to.


Holywood, Co Down

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