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West of the Bann discrimination strikes again

Well, well, well! So Ulster Unionist leader Tom Elliott has lived up to his unionist party's cornerstone policy - a policy which existed when they held sway in Derry Corporation. Gerrymandered, controlled by people who were against any development of the city, such was our lot. The majority population was then Catholic/nationalist, of course.

Unionists only held control of Derry, especially the west bank, because it contained Derry walls. Necessary to requirements for the 12th August. Otherwise it would have been a Strabane and Lifford situation.

In the 1980s the former MP for the city, Mr William Ross, questioned the spending of money to build Derry's second bridge. He claimed it was not necessary.

Now we have Mr Elliot saying that people should object to the building of the A5 road scheme from Dublin to Derry. He is quoted (BT, 17 November) as saying: "This totally unnecessary new road."

We have been used to this attitude to our city over the years. Even with the new dispensation in NI it seems that unionist attitudes have not changed.

The question must be asked: Is Derry or Londonderry City really a part of Northern Ireland? You can build roads in the east, you can bring all the employment to Belfast or other unionist centres, but as far as this city is concerned equality of treatment and opportunity does not seem to exist.




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