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West to blame for popularity of Isis

Contrary to what the Prime Minister seems to believe, the ideology behind Nazism did not grow out of a vacuum - it was fuelled by the deep sense of humiliation experienced by Germans as a result of the terms imposed on their country in the aftermath of the First World War (News, July 20).

In the same way, support for Isis is driven by the sense of humiliation felt by so many Muslims after a century of meddling by Western powers in the Middle East.

Like so many zealots before them, Isis draws on the power of religion as a symbol of justice and purity and the Middle East is awash with injustice and corruption undertaken by states which we continue to support both economically and militarily.

David Cameron needs to address those facts and show some commitment to changing the game: you cannot unpersuade people who are already persuaded by what they see in the world.


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