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We've redefined love, now God is next on agenda

In our day of moral relativism, a large-scale redefinition of humanity is going on.

Men and women are being redefined as higher animals and some are pushing to have certain animals redefined as persons. Yet unborn babies have been redefined as non-persons in many countries to justify their murder.

Civil partnerships between homosexuals have been brought in and now many are pressing for a redefinition of marriage, as involving two men, or two women.

Others want further permutations of marriage. Logically, if gender is irrelevant in marriage, why should the numbers matter? So why not polygamy, both polygyny and polyandry? If the natural barrier between two men marrying can be removed, how can one justify an arbitrary lower age limit for marriage, or sexual intercourse?

In keeping with their loss of objective moral standards, some people are becoming more tolerant and accepting of bestiality.

Meanwhile, the definition of "bigot" is widened to include those who question the latest instances of redefinition and the opprobrium heaped on those "intolerant" and "narrow-minded" people is increasing, as is the threat of legal proceedings for "hate speech".

Alongside these redefinitions, is the redefinition of God.

The redefinition of love is foisted on God and He is portrayed as if He were an impotent god of only one redefined attribute. Yet the true God and His love are eternal, unchangeable, wise, holy and just.

Thus, humanity is being redefined to further its lusts and the infinitely righteous God is being made in the image of sinful man.


Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, Ballymena

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