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What a bad impression at airport

I would like to add my comments to those expressed in your paper about Belfast International Airport security staff and contrast their behaviour with staff at Luton Airport.

At Belfast International Airport my walking-aid was taken away for inspection and only returned after much pleading by me. During my discomfort, as I cannot stand unaided, the staff were totally uninterested in my plight.

At Luton Airport my walking-aid was quickly checked by staff who were kind, sympathetic and courteous — everything Belfast was not — and the staff helped me to a seat until the check was complete.

It's such a pity that, in addition to the unpleasant attitude conveyed to me, that through the mean-spirited behaviour of Aldergrove security staff, visitors here are given a dreadful impression to take from the province. An elderly couple from the US were treated par

ticularly badly at the same time I was awaiting the conclusion of my search and they commented that they had never been treated in such a way anywhere else on their travels.

If other airports can treat travellers with courtesy while doing a difficult job, why should we have to put up with humiliating experiences each time we leave the country?

Disgruntled Traveller


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