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What about an apology for Her Majesty?

The Queen's visit has seen demands that she 'apologise' for imagined wrongs suffered in times long gone. I would like to see the Queen receive an apology for wrongs suffered more recently.

The shameful stigma of Ireland's 'neutrality' in WWII culminated in the Irish president walking into the Nazi German embassy in Dublin to deliver his condolences on the 'sad occasion' of Hitler's death.

Since the end of that war, there has been tacit support of IRA criminals, including charges of IRA gun-running against one Irish politician and the protection of numerous IRA murderers by the south.

Furthermore, the Queen's visit was at the request of the Irish Government and I would, therefore, expect to have seen her being treated with the courtesies normally accorded to her rank.

Instead, I failed to see her greeted with even one curtsy from the ladies and some of the bows offered by the men were more of a head-butt.

Neither did I see any reference to the Queen's courage in accepting the invitation, with all its attendant dangers.


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