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What about justice for ratepayers?

Is it not time that the politicians of Northern Ireland came clean with those who elected them?

While we all worry about our mortgages, food prices, petrol prices, oil and gas prices, our rates and potential water and sewage costs, they are concerned on a much more lofty plane about policing and justice. We could all do with a piece of this so-called justice and they could begin by telling us how much their lofty aspirations are going to cost ratepayers.

Rumours are circulating that in a devolved system the bill for households could be in excess of £1,400 per year. What sort of world do these people live in?

Do they not realise that in 2009 the transitional rate relief ends and the full impact of the Capital Value Rates system will hit us. Heaven help us if these idiots are going to hammer us further when we are already on our knees.

John Wilson


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