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What Christ did for us all cannot be repeated

Fr Patrick McCafferty (Write Back, October 25) clearly delineates the true Roman Catholic position: the Mass is the "exact same sacrifice that Jesus offered once and for all on the cross". Can't he see that this is impossible?

What was done "once for all" cannot be repeated, otherwise you make it worthless. The Mass is not a holy sacrifice; it is the unholy, idolatrous man-made tradition of a false Church.

"Once for all" means unrepeatable. Transubstantiation - the belief elements are changed into the actual body and blood of Christ - has no basis in science, reality or, more importantly, authoritative scripture.

When these elements were first dispensed, Christ was bodily present and alive. They cannot and do not change magically. They stay bread and wine, but they signify body and blood.

Much of what Patrick says is actually true, but I think his understanding is befuddled. Jesus gives us himself by speaking the word and applying his sacrifice to us by his Holy Spirit, who is the one who is with us forever. The word is what changes people and converts them - not the sacrament.

It is the living Christ, through the written revelation of scripture, who crucifies our inherited, depraved human nature and remakes us into the image of Christ by rebirth.

Sadly, it is this word that is not known, not preached and not believed in the Roman Catholic Church, otherwise it would have been reformed.

The absolutely necessary, God-sent Reformation of Martin Luther of 1517 is celebrated after 500 years next year. Reformation is still needed in every false Church today that disparages and sets at nought what Christ did for his people once and for all more than 2,000 years ago at Calvary and never to be repeated.


Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, Ballymena

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