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What happened to once-great sports pages?

I've never counted myself a sports fan and instantly passed the sports pages to my husband. However, for 17 days during the Olympics, there was a daily tussle to be first to read the sports news. The multitude of sports - and the near-equal coverage of women's sport - made a convert of me.

However, my affair with sport seems to have been short-lived.

Now, the sports pages have reverted to the male-dominated football-cricket-racing-rugby.

Surely, the many sports covered at the Olympics don't just close down for another four years?

Surely sportswomen don't just stop the ironing and cooking for a couple of weeks to take part and then go back to the housework?

All the talk of the wonderful role-models these successful women make for our teenage girls will certainly come to nothing if these women - and their sports - become invisible again.


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