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What has 'honest' DUP got to hide from us?

GIVEN the current lack of public trust in politics here, you would expect our politicians to make every effort to keep all their actions above board.

Yet, again, this proves not to be the case, with the recent allegations aired on the BBC's Spotlight programme involving Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland and the NI Housing Executive revealing even more political controversy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the DUP has got itself into another awkward situation, with all the MLAs from the other parties calling for an immediate inquiry.

The last time there was controversy surrounding Mr McCausland was only in November, over the issue of parading. Back then, the DUP was able to block a vote to remove Mr McCausland from the chamber by raising a petition of concern and, once again, this week the same tactic was used to prevent a full inquiry taking place.

You would wonder what the DUP has to hide. If they are as innocent as they say then they would support a call for an inquiry to vindicate Mr McCausland.

The DUP's facade seems to be slipping more and more nowadays. After all, there is only so long you can pretend to be honest and transparent before the public sees the truth – and the electorate certainly has the power to bite back at the ballot box.


Ballymoney, Co Antrim

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