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What is the big appeal of the Olympic Games?

I cannot see what's so commendable about the Olympics.

It seems to me to be the ultimate form of total self-absorption - admittedly taking a great deal of self-discipline and hard work. But for what?

To jump a minuscule fraction higher than anyone else? Or row fractionally faster than another team? Or to repeatedly and rigidly discipline an unfortunate horse to carry you about in a totally unnatural way?

At the end of this supreme effort, is the world a better place? Is there less cruelty? Is there an environmental benefit? No.

Some people feel proud of their nation's tally of medals and some are disappointed, so it's divisive as well.

The phenomenal cost of it all is mind-boggling and the vast sums of lottery money poured into promoting these athletes' personal ambitions could be put to vastly better use to help the poor and protect the environment.

Sorry, I don't get it and I never will. I think it's a massive ego trip, a crashing bore and an utter waste of time and human effort.


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