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What is there to lose with a new direction?

The Ulster Unionist Party prides itself on having taken risks in the past on behalf of peace and the country. Surely now is the time to take risks for the party itself?

Since 2001, the UUP has been losing votes and seats in every election. Each time the party does the same old thing, only with different packeting.

From what I have heard from Mike Nesbitt, it is just going to be the same old thing again, but with different packeting. We need to have the courage to try something different. John McCallister, I believe, has that courage.

I am a traditional unionist, yet I have no problem in supporting John McCallister. He is prepared to take risks to bring about change and, in reality, what has the UUP got to lose? Can the party really get any lower?

Hopefully, the majority of the UUP membership will have the same courage and vote for John McCallister on March 31.



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