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What Maire didn't write about flags

Maire Hendron's hand-wringing in defence of Alliance councillors' undermining of the national flag (Write Back, February 21) is interesting in what is omitted – reference to the equality impact assessment.

Only 10 out of 15,600 responses supported the policy of flying the Union flag on designated days only.

Undoubtedly, such omission of the democratic expression of a majority of Belfast ratepayers in rejection of Alliance policy is symptomatic of an elitist Alliance mindset.

This mindset dismisses the democratic rejection of Alliance policy as "the tyranny of the majority", who are unworthy of challenging Alliance elitists "with their feet set firmly in mid-air".

Margaret Thatcher once warned: "You can't buck the market". In similar vein, Alliance should heed this warning: "You can't buck the democratic will of the Belfast ratepayers."


Portadown, Co Armagh

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