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What of liner's sister ships?

Watching the BBC TV programme about RMS Titanic, broadcast live from Belfast's Waterfront Hall, I was struck that more should have been made of the two sister ships of the famous liner.

RMS Olympic successfully plied the seas until 1935 and she was scrapped in 1937, a career of 24 years, and the last of the three, RMS Britannic, was lost to a mine in 1916 when serving as a hospital ship in the First World War.

The design of the three ships was a success, clearly, and a tribute to the shipbuilders at Harland&Wolff.

Without this final acknowledgement, many a person around the world might feel that there was something wrong with British shipbuilding - Ulster shipbuilding - at the time. There was not.

Of course, lessons were learned, but it is ever thus.



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