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What we need is a parity of all services

I'm an Anglo-Hib/Hiberno-Brit Catholic, with deep affection for both Britain and Ireland and considerable exasperation with the paucity of services in the latter.

Before petrol went stratospheric, I'd drive up to Enniskillen just to see the Union flag flying and get a vague sense of being 'home'.

But 'home' isn't Northern Ireland. Before daddy went nationalist, 'home' was England.

I don't approve of the violence, but I do understand the sentiment. The rights of unionists to self-determination is breached by the devaluing of their emblem - just as the rights of nationalists were once traduced.

Frankly, as a Catholic, I don't have a problem with the crosses of saints George, Patrick, David and Andrew.

Two wrongs do not make a right. Until and unless there is parity of services along with police protection and the availability of contingency law, unionists and Hiberno-Brit/Anglo-Irish (could we just have our own identity, please) Catholics will remain unsettled under the tricolour and in the political farce, aka the EU, which has created more problems than solutions.


Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo

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