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Whatever you call it, abortion is the taking of life

One of the first strategies for success is the manipulation of language. First of all the issue is obscured and then the other side uses your phraseology. The pro- "choice" side is to be congratulated in winning this first phase of the battle.

Take the word "abortion". For those who do not wish to recognise what is involved, probably the majority, or the "middle ground", this is a very useful word.

The impression can be given that the whole procedure is innocuous, somewhat akin to the pulling of a tooth, giving immediate relief. The advocate will thus be seen as a "compassionate" person, not a person bound by inflexible dogma.

By using the word "abortion", the pro-life side is actually helping the pro-"choice" side in covering up what, in reality, is the deliberate taking of a human (unborn) life.

It is this reality that needs to be made plain - not obscured.


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