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What'll happen if the Tories don't win?

I WISH to express my dismay at the letter by Ultonian (Write Back, February 26) where he/she expresses certain reservations about the Alliance Party taking on the post of Justice Minister in the Executive.

How does the writer propose to bring the peace process forward? The Unionist Party has aligned itself with the Conservatives who have little appeal to voters in Northern Ireland and have taken the one seat they have away from Sylvia Hermon.

Ultonian castigates those who are attempting to help, yet denies the right of the only Unionist MP to stand in North Down. At a time when they could make a resurgence, the Unionists are walking away from the fray by taking up with the Conservatives.

Your correspondent asks about the qualifications to take up the justice ministry. This is a two-edged sword and can be applied right across the political spectrum to little effect.

One last piece of advice: don't trust the Conservatives as partners.

They may not gain power nationally - and where will the Unionist Party be then?


Whitehead, Co Antrim