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What's important is preserving life

It seems that the Human Rights Commission is intervening in the abortion debate in Northern Ireland. Those who support abortion usually do so on the grounds of the right to choose, but is choice a right or a freedom?

In a general sense a right is connected with endowment. One has a right to a good education or good health in the sense that these are endowments which are good for the human being. Choice on the other hand is a freedom, not a right, since the person is free to choose to do either good or evil.

Is the choice of abortion good for the life in the womb or for the mother? Surely it is evil for both except in some exceptional cases.

As for abortion in the case of rape or incest, should the life in the womb be condemned to summary execution because of the crimes of the parents? The general principle is that the life should be preserved, unless the right to good health of the mother, both physical and mental is compromised.



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