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Wheesht now, want a guid job?

Browsing the job vacancies last week, I chuckled at the ridiculous notion that Ulster Scots is being promoted as a language.

The post for Assistant Editor of Ulster Scots opens with: ‘The Northern Airlan Assembly Commission is lukin applications fur the fou time poseetion o Assistant Editor (Ulster Scotch).’ The accompanying ad in English went: ‘The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission invites applications for the permanent position of Assistant Editor (Ulster Scots).’

Applicants are told ‘dinnae pit in CVs’. That’s ‘do not submit CVs’. And ‘can doonload mair information an application forms frae the Job Opportunities section o the Assembly websteid’.

Finally ‘Feenished application forms maun bae gien in nae later nor 12 noon oan Friday 3 October 2008’. For a foreign language it’s really difficult to translate, eh?

Ulster Scots is no more than a phonetic way of writing words spoken by Scottish people.

You could pick it up watching Rab C Nesbitt. This attempt from unionists to pass off Ulster Scots as a language has only come about as a reaction to Sinn Fein’s demand at St Andrews that the Irish language be given official status. Where are the Ulster Scots schools? In how many schools is Ulster Scots taught? It’s nonsense!



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