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Where is Nelson Mandela in your hierarchy?


ED Curran wrote recently when talking about victims: "In my book, a hierarchy is obvious. To place Ann Travers, whose sister was shot in the back after attending Mass, in the same category as individuals who set out to murder in the most brutal and often indiscriminate manner, is an insult."

In his next piece writing about Nelson Mandela he stated: "A trim, slightly-built man with a beaming smile, the South African legend lit up the dark dining room when he arrived wearing one of his rainbow coloured shirts.

"The late Vinny Doyle, then editor of the Irish Independent, sat on one side of Mandela and I had the privilege, as Belfast Telegraph editor, of sitting on the other."

Maybe Ed Curran is ignorant of the history of South Africa where MK, the military wing of the ANC, waged a guerilla campaign to achieve equality in their own country.

In this brutal conflict many people died, including many innocent people uninvolved in the conflict who died by what was termed necklacing where burning tyres were placed around their heads.

So would Ed Curran like to clarify where Nelson Mandela, who was a member of the ANC, sits in his hierarchy of victims?


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