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Where is SF's shared future over marches?

WHERE is this shared future that Sinn Fein keeps shouting for in Northern Ireland?

It is certainly not shown at Drumcree, or at Ardoyne, where the threat of violence has prevented the Orange Order from walking along the public highway.

It would appear that Sinn Fein is only settling for its share to be 100% of everything. More than 50 years since I came to Northern Ireland, I have been a spectator when it was possible for me to witness this colourful and festive occasion of a Christian organisation, which doesn't promote violence, as witnessed at Ardoyne when a concrete block was dropped on the head of a policewoman.

Nowhere in the world has there been a public highway closed for 14 years because of such hatred.

The sooner these highways are open for everyone the sooner the country may be heading for a peaceful future.


Carryduff, Co Down

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