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Where is the evidence on asylum claims?

In his letter on asylum policy (Writeback, May 9) TJ McClean asks more questions than providing any answers.

Yet he still believes that he can come to his conclusion without seemingly having any evidence of what he claims. The asylum issue is constantly dragged up by people with no understanding of the poverty, the hardship and the racial abuse that the so-called 'beggar women' go through when in their home countries or on the streets of Belfast.

Would Mr McClean honestly suggest that these people are ripping us off by begging on the streets for the few coppers they'll receive? Do you have any actual evidence of the benefit theft that you accuse them of? Or are you making more unsubstantiated claims about a section of people based on where they are from?

Irish and British men and women are all over the world, having been welcomed by other countries, and the least we can do is offer others the same welcome.

Matt Smyth


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