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Where next for the marriage combination?

I FEEL suitably scolded by the self-righteous and sneering tone of Fionola Meredith's article (DebateNI, November 1) regarding her claim that "Northern Ireland is a bigoted and regressive hole".

Her use of pejorative terms is common among the liberal snobocracy and an attempt to put outside the pale of rational discussion anyone who has the moral conviction of the sanctity of marriage, or life.

These, of course, are not matters of genuine equality. What we have now is a state-recognised identity group who duplicitously demand that society respect their right to live outside the social norms and yet demand the benefits of those very same norms.

If the sex in marriage doesn't matter, why should the number? Maybe two men should marry four women? Come on, Fionola, I hope you're not a numerophobe.


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