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Where was security response to the Real IRA?

On the one hand, we can send 10,000 British troops halfway across the world to fight in the Afghanistan war in an attempt to deter international terrorism and to help to prevent terrorism at home (we are told).

Yet seven masked Real IRA personnel in full paramilitary uniform in broad daylight can hold an Easter Day rally in a Londonderry cemetery, inciting violence and terrorism and threatening to kill British police officers and the British security forces don't arrest them.

Many people attended this rally and a police helicopter was monitoring the event, so it's not as if the police didn't know about it.

So why, in 2005, can an 80-year-old man, John Catt, be arrested by police under the Terrorism Act in Brighton for wearing an 'offensive' T-shirt, which suggested that Bush and Blair be tried for war crimes? And why can Maya Evans, in the same year, be arrested and convicted of breaching the new Serious Organised Crime and Police Act by reading aloud at the Cenotaph the names of 97 British soldiers killed in Iraq?

Yet these seven can't be arrested and charged? Something just doesn't tie in.

I don't buy this storyline we're being fed. They may be called the 'Real' IRA, but what part is real and what part is false-flag?

And how about a genuine response from our security forces?

Sitting back and monitoring situations isn't the British way. Or is it?


Hillsborough, Co Down


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