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Where will our Lord Mayor be?

Belfast councillor Paul Maskey, referring to Sunday’s welcome home parade for the RIR, says Sinn Fein has a right to oppose Britain’s oppression here, in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Where is the oppression he speaks of? Since he is against the war and the British and coalition forces engaged there, I conclude that he supports terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a Belfast resident, I would also take this opportunity to inquire as to where Belfast’s Lord Mayor and First Citizen, Tom Hartley, will be next Sunday?

I assume he will join the majority of the people of Belfast and congratulate our Armed Forces on their safe return home from a successful tour of duty abroad and mourn with them for their colleagues and friends who were not so fortunate?

I assume, in the interests of inclusivity and equality that, on behalf of all the people of Belfast, he will be taking the salute from Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

Stephen Warke


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