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Where will this redefining of humanity lead?

Whereas online detractors of my letter (Write Back, November 9) vehemently denied that, relatively recently in the West, there has been a redefinition of humanity (as higher animals), persons (with unborn babies being non-persons), marriage (as including two men or two women), love (toleration and now celebration of sin, especially sexual sin) and "bigot" (one who challenges liberal redefinitions), Brian McClinton boasts of these as "progress" (Write Back, November 11).

What else constitutes "progress" and where is it headed next? What about the "rights" of a bisexual man, or woman, to marry two people?

What does adultery, or incest, mean in a world of gender and marital redefinition?

Moreover, what is wrong with bestiality, if we are defined as animals, too? After all, is not "tolerance" continually being proclaimed to us as the chief virtue?

Brian reckons that "in many respects 'love' has increased". But the issue is not mathematical - about "more" love - but about its unlawful objects.

Sexual "love" for someone else's spouse, or fetishes, or someone of the same gender, or minors, or animals, is sinful lust.

We are dealing here not with moral progress, but with the degradation of mankind, which fits with Brian's statement that "we were 'humans'" (note the past tense).

Brian contends: "Surely a loving God would be pleased by these redefinitions (of humanity)?" This is the new, politically correct god dreamt up by evolving animals who used to be humans to try to make themselves feel better about their redefined selves.


Covenant Protestant Reformed Church

Ballymena, Co Antrim

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