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Where would we draw a line on termination?

SO, Prof Richard Dawkins thinks that it is "immoral" to bring a Down's syndrome child into the world (Saturday, August 23)?

"Immoral"? I always thought that morality was that attribute of humankind that made us different from all the other animals.

Morality is our conscious having a go at us – for example, if you get on a train without paying, or find a £50 note and keep it, that little voice in your head will say: "That might be not right."

Why stop at Down's syndrome, professor? Why not include people who will go on to be diagnosed with diseases such as MS or cancer, even your fellow professor, Stephen Hawking, the greatest mind since Einstein?

Now, I know you'll probably say that these are acquired illnesses, but, as you would be the first to admit, what technological miracles await us in 20 years?

Perhaps, Prof Dawkins, in the future you could refrain from such callous, hurtful statements and stick instead to your incredible life's work on Darwinism.


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