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Whistleblowers deserve respect

TEN years ago, in April 2004, I was proud to be present with 100 international observers at the release of whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu in Ashkelon, Israel. In this prison he had served 18 years – 11 of these in solitary confinement.

I witnessed at first hand the extreme hostility he faced as he emerged from the prison gates. We, his supporters, were pelted with eggs, water bombs and urine bombs.

Since his release, he has been confined to Israel, forced to live in a remote area, where he is hated by the population.

Vanunu is a truth-teller who told the world about Israel's stockpile of nuclear weapons.

As I recall his sacrifice, I am reminded of other brave whistleblowers who have suffered similarly within their own communities for telling the truth.

All whistleblowers are honourable people. They deserve to be cherished by any nation that values decency and integrity.


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