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Whitewashing history an act of cowardice

IN what can best be described as an act of political cowardice, First Minister Peter Robinson has performed an astonishing vote-face by withdrawing support for a peace and reconciliation centre at the former Maze prison (News, August 16).

Mr Robinson, who has been vocal in his support for the retention of the prison hospital and some H-block cells, where 10 republican prisoners died on hunger strike, appears to have caved in to hardline unionists. The Orange Order, the TUV and the UUP have all called for the H-block cells to be demolished.

Such demands are an attempt to whitewash history. Would the South African government be permitted to destroy Robben Island?

By this Maze U-turn, Peter Robinson virtually imprisoned himself and left the key with the Orange Order, Traditional Unionist Voice and the Ulster Unionist Party.



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