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Who gets top job 'key issue' for voters: DUP

As long as Robinson is able to shake the hand of visiting dignitaries first, all other issues really are secondary, aren't they? At least he has his priorities right. The real crux of the matter is pure and utter sectarianism. The DUP just could not countenance a nationalist as FM and will use every tactic known to prevent it. Democracy at work, eh?


Uhavinalaff: what undemocratic tactics has the DUP used to prevent a nationalist First Minister? Also, I'm not sure what your sarcastic comment means about Robinson "having his priorities right". Robinson isn't saying the most important issue to him is who gets First Minister; he's saying it's what people he has been speaking to keep bringing up as the most important issue to them.

Blue Skies

Blue Skies: correct - Peter Robinson has not said it is the most important issue to him who becomes First Minister. As you state, he says it is what people are saying to him on the doorsteps. What doorsteps? I live in a staunchly (unfortunately) DUP-dominated town and I am still to see a candidate at my door. In fact, I never see them any time of the year except on TV telling us what we are saying on the streets. Splendid.

Goose Ridge

If the main issue with unionist voters is will one of ours be top dog, it is a sad reflection of the electorate here. We have a lot of other practical and economic issues to deal with. Most people here just vote according to tribe. Is this all it boils down to? A very sad reflection on all of us. We need to get real. There is a big, wide world out there. Politicians do not fail us - we fail ourselves.


The DUP are a lot like the Republican party in the States. They are so focused on not allowing a Catholic to be First Minister that the needs of the community are being ignored.

Lucky Erin

Please just change it to 'joint first ministers'. A lot of unionists don't want to vote DUP, but are forced to because they really don't want a Sinn Fein first minister.



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