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Who has guts to spill truth?

An interesting article by Kim Sengupta (News, September 7).

Not only do we learn of rising staff levels at MI5 in Northern Ireland to counter the increasing threat from violent republicans, but also that "stockpiles gathered in the early 1990s by the Provisional IRA, including Semtex boosters" have not been destroyed under decommissioning.

Is the Northern Ireland public being conditioned ahead of an IICD report on weapons put beyond use? It seems likely.

So much for the political hype when the DUP accepted IRA weapons had been decommissioned, allowing them to enter government with Sinn Fein. At last the public may be told the facts by the present Government, in which someone must have the moral fibre to tell the truth - will the honour fall to the Prime Minister, or the Secretary of State?


Bangor, Co Down