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Who is Burchill to decide right or privilege?

Who elected Julie Burchill (Comment, December 17) to decide what is a "privilege" and what is a right?

Where does she stand on secondary education - is that a "privilege" that should be privatised along with universities and maybe health, transport and social security?

Does she suggest that the poor now get to choose which aspects of our state they will pay taxes for? Or are the rich going to decide for them - as is more usual?

If the state needs graduates, and even Julie Burchill will probably agree that it does, then we should pay for them to graduate.

And if they then go on to earn higher incomes than us, they should be taxed like everyone else - including those who inherited their money, or left school early to become bankers (or journalists).

Why should graduating mean that you have to pay a higher tax than people much richer than you, either as a special tax, or as a debt repayment?

If new graduates have to pay extra tax, then all graduates should have to pay extra tax, whenever they graduated.


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